Visit to Anglican Retirement Village 3rd September 2016

On Saturday 3rd of September 2016 we attended a vehicle display at the Anglican Retirement Village at Castle Hill.  The event had been organised to display heritage vehicles for the many residents within the village.

We had 7 Hillmans on display and were joined by another 10 vehicles from other clubs. These included an A model Ford, an FX Holden taxi and a Valiant Wagon complete with surfboard and luggage on the roof rack. Great interest was shown in all of the cars and it was good to chat with the many residents who could all relate in some way to the various cars on display. 

We all enjoyed lunch at the village café and a visit to historic Lober House.  I think we all felt very proud to have been involved in this special day, to give something back to the community is a good thing. Thanks to all involved and especially to Paul, for organising the display but sadly could not join us on the day, as he had the flu.

Lober House was built by BJ Waterhouse in 1925-6 for Robert Craig Dixson (1881-1958) on a holding of 117 acres.  Dixson was the son of Sir Hugh Dixson and the brother of Sir William Dixon.  Sir William’s extensive Australiana collection of books, relics and curies was donated to the State Library of NSW and is housed in the Dixson Collection, Dixson Library and Dixson Gallery.  Robert, after serving in France in World War I stayed in England and obtained a science degree. On his return to Australia he helped establish a timber preservation company called Timbrol.  He became interested in the isolation of coal tar chemicals and set up a company for this purpose which operated at Rhodes.  When he died in 1958 Lober House (also known as Elwatan) and six cottages on the property were sold by the Dixson family to the Anglican Retirement Villages.  

Those attending were John and Carol (1934 Minx), Arthur (1966 Gazelle), Geoff (1965 Imp), Garry and Lois (1967 Hunter), Geoff and Libby (1946 Minx) Bruce and Hazel (1963 Convertible), Kim and Sue (1970 Hunter)                                      

Report by Geoff Green