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Excessive Front Tyre Wear on Hunters and Toe Out Turns

When you turn a corner in your car the inner front wheel (left wheel on left turns and the right wheel on right turns) has to turn to a sharper angle than the outer wheel.  This is because when  the car travels around a bend the inner wheel travels through a tighter curve than the outer one.  The means to facilitate this, is built into the steering geometry and is called toe-out on turns.  When designing the Hunter, for reasons unknown to me, they got it wrong.  Hunters have insufficient toe-out on turns and consequently wear the front tyres excessively.  Here’s a simple fix I devised.  I h

230 October 2015

We are now in the new financial year, so as mentioned in our last newsletter, you will need to use your new password to access Hillmanews. The secretary emailed the password to everyone who provided their email address. Of course if you receive a hard copy, you will continue to do so unless advised otherwise.

Congratulations to this year's recipients of our annual HOCA Awards. Some very proud faces in the photos on our cover page of Hilmanews this month.

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