National Motoring Heritage Day - Sunday 21st May 2017 - Wentworth Falls

We were treated to a very pleasant morning where members met at Glenbrook Tourist Park - along with a number of Studebaker drivers.
We headed off for a short drive to Wentworth Falls Lake, originally built as water supply to steam trains plying the mountains, using a lot of coal from Lithgow in the era of steam locos. It is now a lovely clean lake with amenities and picnic areas. On arrival, we had company of Studebakers, early Ford Falcon owners, the first four models ... Morris, MG’s, Valliant’s, a Morgan and a 1970’s Opel 2 door coupe.
In the absence of a B-B-Q our President elected not to eat his steak raw, but was nourished by the kind Mae who shared some lunch with him, as well as offers from Sue and Cheryl of additional snacks. We all travelled home after good company and many interesting cars.

Thank you to Vern for your report of this event.

Members in attendance were: Geoff Green in his cherished Imp; Paul and Mae in 1962 Superminx Mk II; Kim and Sue in Hunter Royal; Arthur Patrick in his lovely Gazelle; Vern and Cheryl in 1969 HC Hunter and new members David, Susie and Oliver Easton, in 1970 HC Hunter (Bob),  enjoying his first run in 10 years.

Welcome to HOCA David, Susie and Oliver!

David wrote the following report of his family’s first outing at a club event. Thank you David!

As I didn’t drive all the way back down the highway to the official meeting spot at Glenbrook, I missed arriving at the Lake in convoy with the club. I hadn’t wanted to push Bob too hard on his first “big” drive in almost 10 years. Apart from Kim’s Royal getting a bit steamed up climbing the hill to Glenbrook there were no dramas (that I heard of) getting to Wentworth Falls. It was the first time I had been on the displaying side of one of these gatherings rather than the purely admiring side and I wasn’t really sure what was required of me, apart from turning up. It turned out that turning up was the main thing.  This was no concourse show, just a nice low key way to admire some old cars and have a pleasant day out.
Some heavy rain on Friday night meant that we unfortunately had to stay off the grass, so the cars ended up scattered about the carpark, in amongst the modern stuff. I was a bit disappointed by this, as I’d been looking forward to Bob taking his place in a row of gleaming Hunters and other Rootes offerings. I’d even given him a polish in honour of the event so he wouldn’t look too out of place among the other cars. Despite this minor setback there were a nice variety of cars turned out.
The eclectic mix saw an 80’s Nissan Bluebird displayed next to a 60’s Opel GT next to a bullnose Morris. I had the thrill of someone I didn’t know admiring Bob, peering through his windows and reminiscing about how “My uncle used to have one of these…..”. The weather was glorious, perfect for sitting around by the lake snacking and swapping stories of recent mechanical failures, bush mechanic triumphs and electronic coffee cups.
Early afternoon people started packing up to head their separate ways home. I extracted my son Oliver from the playground (this may have involved a bribe from the Mr Whippy van that turned up around 3pm) and we headed back up the hill to Blackheath after an enjoyable day’s outing. Thanks everyone for the company!


Thanks to Paul for the photos and to Kim and Sue for organising the event.