Members' Vehicles

HOCA has approximately 60 members from mostly NSW, as well as some interstate members who are the proud owners of about 75 Hillmans and a number of Commer trucks.

Vehicles range from the early 1930's to the mid 1970's. Many are beautifully restored, some are in original condition and others are in the process of being restored. 

Some vehicles are on conditional registration, while others are fully registered.

Whatever vintage or condition, each vehicle is very much enjoyed by its owner and proudly displayed whenever possible.

History of Members' Cars


This section of the website is dedicated to providing information and interest about our member's vehicles. The vehicles come from far and wide. Some are in original condition, whilst others are either partially restored or completely finished and on the road. They are all very much loved by their proud owners!

We hope you enjoy reading their stories and seeing their photographs.




HOCA Membership Forms

Please download and complete the appropriate forms for new HOCA membership applications and for existing members to renew their membership.

Membership Fees are due each year on the 30th June. The costs for 2015 are:

New Membership Application - $50:00  Membership Renewal - $45:00

RMS Conditional Registration Guidelines

You will find the conditional registration guidelines from both the NSW Roads & Traffic Authority and Hillman Owners Club of Australia Inc. 

Please read the relevant sections carefully to ensure you comply with the regulations.


* Note the latest information January 2017


Classic Vehicle Logbook Trial

The 2 year classic vehicle log book trial commenced on 1 October 2015, and the Hillman Owners Club of Australia is a participant in the trial.

HOCA Inc Club Rules

This is the link to HOCA Club Rules.

The previous club rules were developed in June 2001, with amendments made in May 2005.

The current club rules were adopted at a Special General Meeting of the club on 21 June 2017 and were registered with the Department of Fair Trading on 5 July 2017.

The rules therefore take effect on 5 July 2017.






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