Run to Nan Tien Buddhist Temple (Wollongong) - 16th November 2014

After some early rain the day turned out warm and sunny for our run to the Nan Tien Temple, the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere.  

Five Hillmans met at the railway station car park at Heathcote, and led by Arthur set off at 11am for the Sea Cliff Bridge between Coalcliff and Clifton. We met Paul at Stanwell Park while Mae waited at the bridge to take photos as the cars crossed.  At a leisurely 40kmph we proceeded as a group across the bridge, stopping briefly to pick up Mae and then on to the Temple.  With the Camp Quality Convoy likely to interrupt out trip on the freeway we went through the Wollongong CBD to meet Tony and Helen at the Temple.    It was already lunch time so straight to the Tea House to enjoy a vegetarian lunch.

Unfortunately there were no guided tours available because of lack of guides, so we got a pamphlet and guided ourselves around.   After the mandatory photo on the steps of the Great Mercy Shrine (very large prayer hall with 5 enormous Buddhas ) we removed our shoes and hats and marvelled at the magnificence of the Shrine.  Then it was off to the 8 level Pagoda which serves as a columbarium intended as the resting place of the remains of 7000 people.  (A columbarium is a place for the respectful and usually public storage of cinerary urns (i.e. urns holding a deceased’s cremated remains).

Some of us who had missed out on our coffee earlier in the day, decided to return to the Tea House (which fortunately also serves coffee) and enjoy a cup and a treat.   This done, we headed for home with more rain clouds gathering to the south.  

Those attending were Wayne Baxter with his brother Mark and sister-in-law Jennifer (1962 ADL), Kim & Sue Bolin (1972 Hunter), Paul & Mae Johnson (1962 Superminx), Tony & Helen Kent (1968 Hunter), Arthur Patrick (1966 Gazelle), Colin & Judy Ringrose (1962 Minx) and Vernon & Cheryl Sotter with Cheryl’s mum Betty.

Thanks to Sue and Kim for organising the run. It was a great day out!

October 2014 - Club Run to Old Maitland Gaol and Morpeth

Saturday 18 October 2014 was the day for our run to the Maitland Gaol, Clothing and Textile Museum and Morpeth. 

Our run began when seven cars met at the Berowra truck stop around 8.30am, with a slightly later than planned departure, due to some petrol leakage problems with Geoff’s Imp. 

Colin and Judy joined the convoy, even though they could only go as far as the Hawkesbury Bridge at Brooklyn.  It was great to have them with us, even for a short time, and to see their car out on the road.  Their car was one of those that made the long trek to Mildura in 1992 for the very first National Hillman Rally. 

Gary, Lois and Walter met up at Ourimbah and the 8 cars made it without further incident to the rendezvous at the Wattaka Rest Area on the new Hunter Expressway.  Waiting here were Bob, Sue, Arthur and Jill.  When Geordie and Chris arrived, we departed with Bob and Sue leading the way to Maitland Gaol. We arrived at 11am to meet Geoff and Libby, and Steve and Virginia, who were waiting for us at the gaol.  It was a pleasure to see our new members Steve and Virginia at the run.  Arthur and Del had to leave us at that point, but helped to make a very nice little group travelling along the road to our destination. We really enjoyed the chance to meet, catch up and appreciate their wonderful car.  

A former prison officer at Maitland Gaol conducted the 2 hour tour.  The gaol dates from the 1840’s and was closed in 1998.  We saw cell blocks, exercise yards, the kitchen, shower room, the wing for prisoners ‘on protection’, saw gruesome hand made weapons and heard tales of some of NSW’s most dangerous criminals.   It was an experience to see and hear first hand of the harsh and brutal existence in a maximum-security prison. 

Following our tour of the gaol, some of us went to the Clothing and Textile Museum next door, while the hungry ones did what they could not to think about what they planned to have for lunch.  Soon though, we were off to Morpeth, which was just a short drive away.  

While at Morpeth we enjoyed a pleasant lunch, indulged in a bit of shopping, as well as taste testing some delicious fudge and ginger beer. 

As a nice surprise, we were lucky enough to see some really beautiful cars that were also in town for a Veteran Car Rally.  

The day was soon over and most set off for the run home, which was for some, a few hours travel.  Some of us decided to stay overnight and go home the next day. It was a most enjoyable run.


Those attending were:  J & C Seaton and A Slee (1961 Series IIIB Minx), B Robertson (1963 Imp), C & J Ringrose (1962 Minx), G & L Prescott (1946 Mk I Minx), A Patrick (1966 Gazelle), M Oliver & Geoff (1964 Minx), P & M Johnson (1962 Mk II Superminx),  G & C Jack  (1960 Series IIIA Minx), A & D Hill (1956 Mk VIII Minx), G Green (1965 Imp), B & S Doran (1959 Series III Minx),  G & L Chivers (1956 Californian), W Anker (1970 Hunter),  S & V Stewart (modern).


Many thanks to Bob & Sue for organising this run.

National Motoring Heritage Day 2014

On Sunday 18 May 2014 National Motoring Heritage Day was celebrated. This day is organised in NSW by the CMC (Council of Motor Clubs).

It's a fantastic day and we hope to see you there next year!


Our club was recently invited to participate in the 2015 CHMC Rally, which is held every year. HOCA member David Carey is the Rally Director for the Easter 2015 rally of the Councils of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW Inc. This is also known as the Bush Council Rally. Our participation was discussed recently at a general meeting and the overwhelming response was that it would be an event members would enjoy attending. HOCA has decided to make this our official run in April 2015.

The rally runs from 3 to 6 April



The Hillman Owners Club of Australia Inc was formed in September 1983.  The Club has approximately 60 members. The aims of our club are:

  • To maintain a record of all existing examples of the Hillman motor vehicle from 1907-1940 inclusive and of all members’ vehicles.
  • To encourage the restoration and preservation of Hillman vehicles and to foster interest in the Hillman, Commer, Karrier, Tilling Stevens and Vulcan vehicles. 
  • To provide facilities for contacts between members for the purpose of mutual aid, advice and discussion as well as social and other activities.
  • To assist members in obtaining spare parts for their vehicles.
  • To participate in joint events with other car clubs  


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