Christmas Lunch - Saturday 5 December 2015 at Tennyson

Fifteen members met at Macquarie Park at Windsor around 11am for 11.15am departure.  We took a short run through the lowlands and Freemans Reach.

On arrival at Tennyson we displayed all the club cars up near the road for passersby to see with the club banner tied to two large trees.

We had John and Carol’s 61 Minx, Arthur’s Gazelle, Geordie’s 1960 Minx, Bob and Sue’s newly restored Safari, Vern and Cheryl’s 69 Hunter, Bruce and Hazel’s Minx convertible, Geoff Green’s Imp and my two Hunters.   Peter and Rhonda came in their modern as did Geoff and Libby who joined us a little later.  We had 1 visitor, a friend of mine from the Peugeot Club.

The weather was kind, not too hot.  We enjoyed our lunch and the good company.  Some of us sat long into the afternoon chatting.  A good day was had by all.  Many thanks to those who brought something to share on the day.

Kim Bolin

Breakfast at Wisemans Ferry - Saturday 20 January 2016

A great morning had by members attending the breakfast at Wisemans Ferry.

Chief chef Sue Bolin and her team did a wonderful job of cooking, and they made such a good meal that everyone went back for seconds!

The weather was ideal until about midday when it started to warm up a bit much and it was time to head home.

9 Hillmans attended the breakfast and 1 Modern.

Thanks to Walter for the report and photos.

Observation Run - Berrima, Sunday 18 October 2015

We met at the usual fast food car park in Narellan, and after some morning tea got our instructions for the observation run down the Old Hume Highway to Berrima.  We were given a sheet with directions and 20 questions to answer along the way.   After a short delay for refuelling and a late arrival we were on our way about 10.50am. 

Our route took us through Narellan, the township of Camden, over the Razorback and into Picton then through the villages of Tahmoor, Bargo, Yanderra and Yerrinbool.   We stopped for a short break at Bargo to all catch up.   We travelled a very short distance on the Hume Motorway and then into Mittagong and on to Berrima.

At Berrima we went to the historic Berrima Court House.  After watching a video on the history of Berrima and the court house, we wandered through the judge’s robing room, chambers, holding cells, grand jury room and into the court room where a simulated court room scene from an actual case heard at Berrima was broadcast.

Some of us headed for the park for a picnic while others had something to eat at the pub.  The winners of the observation run were Rhonda and Peter  with a perfect score.  The flag question caused some concern – some claiming they were not in a paddock (some intense building work had obviously taken place since the run was set)  – and Rhonda bringing to notice that one of the flags was not Canadian but Tongan.  The adjudicators bowed to her superior vexillological knowledge.

Those attending were Arthur (1966 Gazelle) and his daughter Cathryn and granddaughters Sophie and Chloe (in their modern), Geoff (1965 Imp), Peter & Rhonda (1970 Commer truck), Kim & Sue (1970  Hunter), Geordie (1960 Series IIIA Minx),  and in their modern cars John and Carol, Geoff and Libby,  Mae and Paul.  Meeting us at Berrima were Tony and Helen (1968 Hunter) and Jim and Robyn (1969 Hunter Royal) who had driven up from the Illawarra.

Our thanks to Mae and Paul for organising this run.

230 October 2015

We are now in the new financial year, so as mentioned in our last newsletter, you will need to use your new password to access Hillmanews. The secretary emailed the password to everyone who provided their email address. Of course if you receive a hard copy, you will continue to do so unless advised otherwise.

Congratulations to this year's recipients of our annual HOCA Awards. Some very proud faces in the photos on our cover page of Hilmanews this month.

President's Run - Sunday 20th September 2015

We met at the usual fast food outlet in Mt Colah for the annual President’s Run on an overcast day that threatened rain. 

After refreshments the President led us along the old Pacific Highway to Berowra and the run down through the Berowra Valley National Park to the Berowra Waters ferry, a narrow, windy but very scenic road bordered with wildflowers.   Two trips of the ferry saw us all safely on the other side.  With the president again in charge, we set off passing through Arcadia, past Fagan Park, Galston and across to the Old Northern Road.   Then on to the Dural Country Club, our lunch venue, where we were met by Cec and Alice, Wayne and Fengjie, and Kim and Sue.  

After an enjoyable lunch we moved out into the quieter outdoor eating area for trophy presentations.   Awards this year:

The Broken Piston Award this year went to Brian Robertson. The gearbox in Brian’s Imp ground to a halt just out of Uralla on the way to the Bush Council Rally at Easter in Armidale.  Brian had to leave the car in Armidale,  return home on the train, send another gearbox up to Armidale, get the train back to Armidale and drive the Imp home. A worthy winner.

The Bright Spark Award went to David Carey.  David is our member in Armidale.  When Brian’s Imp gave up, David happily agreed to keep the car at his place until the new gearbox arrived.  David had many years of experience working with Imps and volunteered to help remove the old gear box and install the new one.   Arrangements are being made to present the trophy to David.

The Laurie Stewart Award for the member who has contributed significantly for the club during the year went to Arthur Patrick.  Arthur is our vice president.  He has been plagued by ill health during the year but managed to get to most runs and meetings (attended 6/7 committee meetings in the last 18 months missing only one when in hospital), helps out with matters relating to the club’s finances and helps with the organisation of events.  A truly dedicated member of our club.

The final award was the Registrar’s Award presented by Club Plate Registrar Garry Chivers.   Garry said that this award was not just based on work done to restore or preserve a car but took into account the circumstances in which the work was done.  For this reason the award went to John Seaton who has also suffered ill health throughout the year but was determined to continue with the work on his beloved 1938 Minx.    The award was greeted with much applause and a few tears. 

Congratulations to you all.

Those attending:  Bruce and Hazel 1960 Series IIIA convertible, John and Carol 1961 Series IIIB, Cec and Alice 1971 Hunter HE, John 1970 Hunter Safari, Wayne and Fengjie 1962 ADL, Peter and Rhonda 1964 Minx, Arthur 1966 Gazelle, Kim & Sue 1972 Hunter, Geoff 1965 Imp, Brian 1963 Imp, Vern and Jim 1969 Hunter, Michael, Joel and Jane 1962 Superminx and in their modern cars Garry and Lois, Walter and Paul and Mae. 


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