National Motoring Heritage Day, 15 May 2016

Several HOCA members attended this annual event held at The Entrance this year.

Thank you to Walter Anker for the photographs of the day.

236 May 16

In this month's Hillmanews there are some great photos of recent events, as well as continued reports of our recently held 13th National Rally at Ballarat. We hope you enjoy them.

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235 April 16

Enjoy reading this month's Hillmanews where you will be able to read some reports about the 13th National Hillman Rally at Ballarat, (25-29 March) as well as enjoy some great photos and reports about the Hawksnest/Tea Gardens Motorfest which was held 12/13 March. It was certainly a busy month for us, and many of us were able to enjoy sharing our love of Hillmans as well as enjoy great company. Exactly what a good club is all about!

Hawksnest Motorfest & Visit to Stroud - 12 & 13 March 2016

Seven Hillmans from HOCA attended this years Motorfest. It was a great day with perfect weather and a record attendance in excess of 320 vehicles. Visitors wandered around some stunning cars, or sat and chatted. Some of the more daring went across to the beach a few hundred meters or so away. It was also good to catch up with people not seen for a while, such as Arthur Hill who had his Rapier convertible on display with his Newcastle club.

HOCA was represented by Walter Anker, Rhonda and Peter Schipp, John and Carol Seaton, Bob and Sue Doran and Geoff and Libby Prescott.
Walter departed on Saturday afternoon and the Schipps on Sunday morning, so on Sunday three cars with Bob and Sue, John and Carol and Geoff and Libby set off on a run to the historic town of Stroud, up along the Bucketts Way. The Australian Agricultural Company established their headquarters at Stroud in the early 1820s after receiving a government grant of one million acres in the area. As a result the township of Stroud grew and today boasts many magnificent and historic buildings. The AA Company also built eight underground silos in 1841 using convict labour. These are recessed into a hill behind the town aptly named Silo Hill.

After an enjoyable lunch at the Stroud Hotel we set off along Booral Rd to Bulahdelah. Booral Rd is actually the original Pacific Highway from pre 1952 times, when there was no coastal route across the rivers.  It was not until 22 August 1952 that the route of the Pacific Highway was changed to pass through Karuah, Bulahdelah and Nabiac, rather than Booral, Stroud and Gloucester.

From Bulahdelah we followed the Bombah Point Road to (you guessed it!) Bombah Point where we stopped for a coffee and to soak up the view. John also had a chance for some rest and relaxation after damaging Cully’s front suspension on the dirt road.
Following a short trip on the Bombah Point ferry to cross the river we set off along Mungo Brush Road on the last leg back to Tea Gardens, arriving around 4.30pm.

A very enjoyable, if eventful day, and many thanks to Bob and Sue for planning and organizing it for us.

Thanks to Geoff Prescott for the report and photos, with some photos also from Walter Anker

Hawksbury Artist's Trail - Sunday 28 February

Four cars and eight people met at McGraths Hill Macas.   We had a late start expecting hot weather and it was HOT. Present were John and Carol in their modern, Arthur and his brother Doug in the Gazelle, Vern and Cheryl in their Hunter and Sue and myself in Hillda.

Leaving Macas we took the flood free road to Windsor and stopped at the historic St Matthews Anglican Church built under Gov. Macquarie’s instruction commencing in 1817 and in use by 1821.  We then drove to the other end of town to the court house, another Macquarie building and then down to Tebbut’s Observatory - 1845. We stopped here for a while enjoying the view across the farmland to the river and the water ski park and facilities. Then, back into the cars, and on to Freemans Reach where we visited the site of the painting Grose Farm by Alfred Clint. Next stop the Terrace and Streeton Lookout, where we saw the Purple Noon’s Transparent Might -  by Arthur Streeton - 1896 and a spectacular view over Windsor, Richmond and the surrounding valley.
Into the cars again, along the Terrace and down to North Richmond into the valley where we visited the site of The Corner of the Paddock – by Julian Ashton – 1888 and Springtime – by Charles Conder – 1888.

Then was on to our last stop – Pughs Lagoon – where we see Pughs Lagoon Richmond also by Conder. Here we claimed a shelter in the park and Vern and I drove into Richmond to buy eight serves of the best fish and chips in Sydney.  Back to the park, everyone enjoyed their meal and we chatted till it was too dark to see, said our good byes, and left after a very enjoyable run.


Thanks to Kim and Sue for the report and to  Arthur for the photographs,



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